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Seplite® MB45NR WEDM-LS Mixed Bed Resin with Higher Water Quality and Greater Processing Capacity

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) is a kind of machining technology, which uses continuously movable wire (called electrode wire) as electrode to remove metal and cut metal parts by pulse spark discharge. According to the wire speed, WEDM can be divided into three categories: high-speed reciprocating WEDM (commonly known as "fast wire"), low-speed unidirectional WEDM (commonly known as "slow wire") and vertical self rotating WEDM.

In slow wire cutting, the electrode wire moves in a low speed and unidirectional direction. Generally, the wire speed is less than 0.2 mm/s, the accuracy is up to 0.001 mm, and the surface quality is close to the grinding level. In slow wire cutting machine, the wire electrode is supplied continuously, that is to say, the wire electrode is processed in the process of movement, even if the wire electrode is lost, it can be supplemented continuously in time, which can significantly improve the machining accuracy of parts. And the surface roughness of workpieces usually reach RA = 0.12μm or above. The roundness error, straight-line error and size error of slow wire cutting are much better than that of fast wire cutting. Therefore, slow wire cutting technology is widely used in the WEDM of some high-precision parts.

WEDM is carried out in the working fluid medium. The insulation performance of the working fluid plays a role of deionization in the process of pulse discharge, accelerating the cooling of electrodes and workpieces in the process of machining, and making the corrosion products suspended and discharged from the discharge gap. The quality of working fluid will have a great influence on cutting speed, surface roughness and machining accuracy. As a low-speed wire cutting process with high-precision parts, it naturally has higher requirements on the quality of working fluid, which requires deionized water to have lower conductivity (generally, the conductivity is less than 20μs/cm).

Based on the leading UPW technology, Sunresin has developed and produced Seplite® MB45 NR special mixed bed resin for LS-WEDM according to the special requirements of water quality in low speed WEDM process and the specific operating conditions. The mixed bed resin is transformed and premixed according to the reasonable proportion, which can be directly used in the ion exchanger, simple and convenient, and can be completely meet the water quality requirements of the slow wire cutting process. The special mixed bed resin for WEDM has been unanimously recognized by customers in industrial production and application. For example, in the precision machining workshop of an aviation precision instrument manufacturer, the WEDM machine for titanium steel and elastic steel finishing can maintain a conductivity of less than 18μs after the deionized water treated by Seplite ®MB45 NR mixed bed resin stable operation, and the year-on-year processing capacity is 30% higher. Seplite ®MB45 NR WEDM-LS mixed bed resin for low speed wire cutting has a good cost performance advantage and is widely favored by users.

Seplite ®MB45 NR WEDM-LS mixed bed resin for slow wire cutting

1) It can be directly put into use after transformation and being premixed according to reasonable proportion, which is simple and convenient.
2) It has higher H-type / Oh type conversion and higher treatment capacity.
3) The resin particle size is uniform, the system operation pressure drop is smaller, and the treatment efficiency is higher.
4) Stable processing performance and long service life.

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