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Make Anthocyanin Extraction and Purification More Reasonable, Efficient and Reliable
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Make Anthocyanin Extraction and Purification More Reasonable, Efficient and Reliable

Make Anthocyanin Extraction and Purification More Reasonable, Efficient and Reliable

Anthocyanin, is a water-soluble natural pigment widely found in plants in nature. The color changes with the pH value, which is red when pH=7, purple when pH is between 7 and 8, and blue when pH > 11. Anthocyanins are known for their role in free radical scavenging and antioxidant activity, anti-aging, vision protection, anti-allergy and cardiovascular disease prevention. The function is familiar and concerned by the public, and is increasingly used in health food, cosmetics and other industries.

The extraction of anthocyanins is a very important field in the plant extraction industry, and there are many extraction and purification methods. However, due to the strict restriction requirements of the health food and cosmetic industries on raw material solvent residues, the process of water extraction+adsorption of macroporous adsorbent resin is more commonly used in the industry. That is, the extraction of plant raw materials is treated under atmospheric pressure or high pressure with water, and after the necessary filtration pretreatment, the extraction liquid is enriched by non-polar macroporous adsorbent resin adsorption and then analyzed by ethanol.

The sources of anthocyanin extracts mainly include berries (lingonberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, black goji berries, mulberries, black fruits, etc.), vegetables (purple potatoes, purple cabbage, black carrots, etc.), grains (black rice, black beans), and flowers (roses hips). The anthocyanins from different plant material sources are different due to their different molecular structures and extraction liquid fractions, etc. In order to achieve a better separation and purification, different types of adsorbent resins need to be selected for enrichment and purification.

Anthocyan plant raw materials

During years of research and industrial practice of anthocyanin resin separation and purification, Sunresin has developed resin products and application process suitable for anthocyanin extraction from different raw materials, which can meet the purification of anthocyanin extracted from different raw materials. For example, anthocyanins from berry and floral plant sources can be used with Sunresin Seplite® LXA-86 macroporous adsorbent resin. For anthocyanins from vegetable plants, Sunresin Seplite® LXA-868M macroporous adsorbent resins can be used, which have large adsorption capacity and greatly improve the content and solubility of finished products, thereby facilitating the development of back-end applications.

Sunresin is the most powerful resin research and development production enterprise and the overall solution provider of separation and purification in China. With nearly 20 years of experience in the botanical extract industry, Sunresin has accumulated valuable technical experience and have a comprehensive resin library. At the same time, Sunresin combines its own system and equipment integration advantage ability and integrates domestic superior plantation technology resources, providing customized design and construction of a complete anthocyanin extraction and purification line for customers. Sunresin aims to ensure the scientific rationality, advancedness and economy of the customer's technology and system equipment to the maximum extent possible.

Customer case:
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Services and support:
(1) Resin choosing and experimental demonstration
(2) Design of process solutions
(3) Full-line EPC model services
(4) Training of personnel and technical support during operation

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