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Ion Exchange Resin Activation
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Ion Exchange Resin Activation

Ion exchange resin contains a certain amount of water, which should be kept as much as possible during transportation and storage. If the resin is dehydrated during storage, it should be soaked in concentrated salt water (about 10%) and then diluted gradually. The resin should not be directly put in water to avoid rapid expansion and crushing.

In long-term storage, strong resin should be changed into salt type, weak resin can be changed into hydrogen type or free alkali type, or salt type, and then immersed in clean water. During storage or transportation, resin should be kept in a temperature environment of 5-40 degrees C to avoid supercooling or overheating and affect quality. If there is no insulation equipment in winter, the resin can be stored in salt water, the concentration of salt water can be determined according to the temperature.

The industrial products of ion exchange resins often contain a small amount of oligomers and monomers that do not participate in the reaction, and also contain inorganic impurities such as iron, lead and copper. When the resin is in contact with water, acid, alkali or other solutions, the above substances will be transferred into the solution, affecting the quality of the effluent. Sunresin is a professional manufacturer of ion exchange resin China. If this happens, you can consult it.

Ion exchange resins are easily polluted by suspended substances, colloidal substances, organic substances, bacteria, algae, iron and manganese in long-term use, resulting in the reduction or even loss of ion exchange capacity. Therefore, the resin should be activated periodically according to the situation, and the activation method can be determined according to the pollution situation and conditions. You can also contact Sunresin for a detailed solution.

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