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Introduction to Sunresin’s Core-Shell Multimodal Chromatography Media

Application of Seplife Multimodal Chromatography Resins in Downstream Purification of Commercial Production of Virus Vaccines---Introduction to Sunresin’s Core-Shell Multimodal Chromatography Media

The Core-Shell multi-mode chromatography medium is a new multi-mode agarose chromatography medium independently developed by Sunresin Technology, used for purification and polishing of biological macromolecules such as viruses.

Sunresin’s Core-Shell Multimodal Chromatography Media


The chromatographic medium uses a new type of shell microsphere technology and octylamine ligand, and has dual functions of gel filtration and adsorption separation.


The core functional area is bound with a strong adsorption ligand, octylamine, which binds molecules under a wide range of pH and ionic strength by electrostatic force and hydrophobic force. At the same time, the outer layer of the core functional area has a shell layer of about 5um, with 700 KDa / 400 KDa gaps on the shell layer that are connected to the core functional area.


Sunresin’s new Core-Shell Multimodal chromatography can efficiently capture contaminants while allowing target molecules to flow through.


The Seplife® Suncore 700 / 400 chromatography resins have the characteristics of high flow rate, low back pressure, high throughput, good chemical stability and mechanical properties, which facilitate scale-up, shorten production time and improve production efficiency.


When the clarified solution flows through the column bed, biomolecules larger than 700 KDa/400 KDa are excluded from the “shell” and flow through the outer water volume, while biomolecules smaller than 700 KDa/400 KDa enter the core functional area through the gaps in the shell layer and are combined in the “core”, thus achieving the separation of ultra-large biomolecules and other biomolecules even in the state of higher flow rate and larger sample load.

Sunresin’s Seplife Suncore 400 multimodal resins purifying the virus vaccine in a 600mm chromatographic column

(Sunresin’s Seplife Suncore 400 multimodal resins purifying the virus vaccine in a 600mm chromatographic column.)

Core-Shell Multimodal Chromatography Media Technical Paremeters


Seplife Suncore 700

Seplife Suncore 400


White spherical, odorless and tasteless


Fast flow agarose





Exclusion range

>700 KDa

>400 KDa

Ion concentration

40-85 Cl- umol/ml

Particle size


Dynamic capacity

>13.0mg/ml (OVA)


Working temperature


Flow rate

500 cm/h (< 0.2Mpa, column height 20cm)

700 cm/h (< 0.2Mpa, column height 20cm)

pH stability

3~13 (Operational), 2~14 (CIP)

Chemical stability

Stable to commonly used aqueous solvents: 1mol/L NaOH, 70% ethanol, 30% isopropyl alcohol, 6M Guanidine hydrochloride


20% ethanol, 4-30℃


Purification and polishing of biological macromolecules such as viruses

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