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IEX Recommended Temperature
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IEX Recommended Temperature

Recommended temperature of Ion exchange resin

The ion exchange resin causes degradation of the functional group and a decrease in the exchange capacity at a certain temperature, so the use of the resin needs to be maintained at a certain temperature as much as possible.

Various resins have different tolerances to temperature, and exceeding this value has a certain effect on their lifetime.

At room temperature (10-30℃), the basic properties of the resin will not change.


Na type,

8% CL   125℃

10% CL  135℃

Macroporous   150℃

H type

8%CL  120℃

10%CL  130℃

Macroporous   150℃


Cl type

Ⅰ type    100℃

Ⅱ type   70℃

Acrylic matrix    50℃

OH type

Ⅰ type     60℃

Ⅱ type    30℃

Acrylic matrix     30℃







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