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How Does Chelating Resin Work?
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How Does Chelating Resin Work?

The heteroatoms on the chelating resin can form a coordination bond with a metal ion by a pair of lone pairs of electrons, forming a stable structure similar to a small molecule chelate. The polymer with chelation function needs to meet the requirements of two aspects, firstly, it needs to contain a coordination group, and secondly, the coordination group is arranged on the polymer backbone to ensure the space configuration requirements of the chelation process.

The main mechanism by which the chelating resin acts is that the chelating group forms a stable chelating base with the target ion and thus has a higher selectivity than the ion exchange resin.

How Does Chelating Resin Work

The chelation reaction is also a reversible reaction, so the chelating resin can also be regenerated. The chelating resin restores activity by a certain regenerant.
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