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How Does Adsorbent Work?
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How Does Adsorbent Work?

The adsorption is mainly based on the principle of van der Waals force or hydrogen bonding to produce adsorption. Because the adsorption resin has a large pore structure, the adsorption resin also combines the principle of molecular sieve.

The surface characteristics of the adsorbent resin determine the target that it can separate, generally following the following rules:
1. Non-polar sorbents can adsorb non-polar materials from polar solvents
2. Polar adsorbents can adsorb polar substances from non-polar solvents
3. Medium polarity adsorbent combines both of these capabilities

The main factors affecting adsorption;

1. The nature of the adsorbent, specific surface, particle size, polarity
2. The nature of the target, solubility, surface tension, molecular weight
3. Temperature; adsorption is an exothermic process, low temperature is good for adsorption, high temperature is good for analysis
4. The pH of the solution, which affects the degree of dissociation of the target
5. Salt concentration
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