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High-efficiency Chromatographic Separation Technology and Its Application

High-efficiency Chromatographic Separation Technology and Its Application

Chromatographic separation is an effective method for separating components in complex mixtures, which is based on different partition coefficients of different substances in stationary phase and mobile phase. When the two phases move in relative motion, these substances move together with the mobile phase and are distributed repeatedly between the two phases. Thus, different substances are eluted at different places and separation is achieved.

However, traditional industrial preparative chromatography operates in the low-efficiency mode of single-column intermittent feeding elution. It seriously restricts the industrialization of chromatography separation technology by increasing the costs of equipment, space, operation and processing.

In chromatographic separation, because different substances have different forces on the stationary phase, one component will flow out quickly and the other component will flow out slowly during the elution process. Thus the separation of the two components will be achieved. If, during the elution process, a movement opposite to the elution direction of the mobile phase is added, the components will run like the tortoise and rabbit on the conveyor belt shown below. Under the reverse motion of conveyor belt, the distance between tortoise and rabbit will be farther and farther, and finally they will fall from different end of the conveyor belt and be separated. If the tortoises and hares are continuously added at a certain location of conveyor belt, the continuous separation of them can be achieved. Then, the Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatographic separation technology comes into being.


Based on the different forces between different substances on stationary phase, SMB chromatographic separation technology combined with special technological process equipment achieves precise switching of different process pipelines through self-control technology and creates the effect of mobile chromatographic column. SMB chromatographic separation technology realizes high-efficiency and continuous chromatographic separation.

With the advanced technology and experience in the development of high-performance resins and the design of continuous ion exchange system, Sunresin had successfully developed a series of polymer chromatographic separation fillers and a universal Sepsolut® simulated mobile bed chromatographic separation system based on the principle of simulated mobile bed chromatographic separation and the reference from to characteristics of different separation products. Sunresin succeeds in industrialization of separation of sugar and alcoholpurification of amino acidsdesaltation and decoloration of fermentation brothseparation of effective monomers from plants, etc. Sunresin's products have good separation effect and are highly praised by consumers.


Sunresin's advantages in high-performance chromatographic separation system technology:
1. Development and production capacity of a full range of chromatographic packing technologies; high-level chromatographic separation technology.
2. Innovative technology; customized equipment; perfect combination of meaterial, applied technology and equipment.

Sunresin's advantages in polymer chromatographic separation filler:
1. High adsorption capacity.
2. Applicable to a wide range of pH; sodium hydroxide resistance.
3. Longer service life.

The advantages of Sepsolut® Simulated Mobile Bed Chromatographic Separation System:
1. High separation accuracy; high-quality purified products.
2. High yield; low solvent consumption.
3. Stable system; automatic and continuous operation; convenient.
4. High efficiency.

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