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Fulfill Our Social Responsibility, Fight the Coronavirus
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Fulfill Our Social Responsibility, Fight the Coronavirus

Sunresin and its subsidiaries donated money and materials to local governmental organizations, which are specially used to support epidemic control and contribute to the fighting against the epidemic in various ways.

On one hand, the company donated RMB130,000 in cash through its subsidiaries Suncycle Hebi and Sunresin Gaoling. On the other hand, the company learned that there was a shortage of epidemic protection materials, and quickly established an emergency procurement team to look for materials with all resources for urgently needed materials such as masks, protective clothing and disinfectants. Up to now, materials worth RMB350,000 such as disinfectant, protective clothing and goggles are being donated to relevant government departments of Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone, Gaoling district and Pucheng County of Weinan City.

In addition, the company combines its own characteristics to support the production of urgently needed anti-epidemic drugs in the form of low-cost or free samples. With approval from the government, Sunresin Gaoling, a subsidiary, resumed work on February 6 and began to produce Wang resin and Rink resin series products to support peptide drug manufacturers.

Wang Resin

Rink Resin
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