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Forbes top 50 CEO
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Forbes top 50 CEO

Mr. Xiaokang Kou, General Manager of Sunresin, was selected as the best CEO list of Forbes 2018 China listed companies.

On 25th Sept, Forbes China released the "Best CEO of China Listed Companies in 2018" list. Mr. Xiaokang Kou, GM of Sunresin which is China's largest ion exchange and adsorbent resin manufacturer, was selected as one of the Top 50 CEO, ranking 47th.

新闻--Forbus top 50 CEO

As a key role of corporate governance and decision-making, CEO directly affects the business performance of the company. According to the performance of listed companies, market size, reference range fluctuations, total market capitalization, net profit, growth rate, ROA, ROE and other factors, Forbes China aims to discover outstanding CEOs of listed companies and launch the best CEO list of listed companies in China every year. The 50-person list covers A-shares, Chinese-funded Hong Kong stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Chinese stocks listed overseas. Tencent Holdings, Alibaba, Guizhou Maotai and other well-known domestic and foreign CEOs were selected.

Mr. Xiaokang Kou is an expert of the State Council who enjoys special allowance from the government, two winners of the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, a leading figure of China's ion exchange resin industry, and the tech-leader of Sunresin's R&D progress. For more than ten years, Sunresin has been focusing on the innovation of adsorption separation technology, focusing on the industrialization of new technologies materials and their applications, promoting industrial progress and technological innovation in downstream applications, and promoting China's adsorption separation technology and industry to high-tech, green production, sophisticated application development. Sunresin has always participated in the international market competition with high-end supplier brands and won industry recognition, such as juice, herbal extraction, brine purification, hydrometallurgy , fine chemicals purification, Pharmaceuticals and Protein Separation.

Sunresin is working hard towards the materials development, application innovation and separation technology industrialization. Sunresin is continuously devoting itself to improve the quality of business operations in order to return shareholders, customers and the employees.
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