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SEPLITE® LSF983 Food Grade Macroporous Weak Acidic Cation Resin for Drinking Water Treatment
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SEPLITE® LSF983 Food Grade Macroporous Weak Acidic Cation Resin for Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water is essential to life. Every day every human being has to drink and use water for Food preparation. Water needs to be clean and potable so that if is Safe for use most importantly for our Children. SUNRESIN is providing a wide range of Ion Exchange Resins to prepare Water for Human consumption. One of our key application is to be found on the kitchen table of many household in pour-through Water Filters where our SEPLITE® LSF983 is used widely in Cartridge to improve Drinking Water directly at the point of use.

SEPLITE® LSF983 ion exchange resin

SEPLITE® LSF983 is a food grade, polyacrylic macroporous weak acidic cation resin.  Due to its carboxylic cation exchange group it boasts a higher selectivity for divalent cations like lead, cadmium, copper, cobalt, and nickel than SAC resins. By reducing hardness as well as heavy metals which are harmful to human health, the resin improves the taste and purity of drinking water. Thanks to SUNRESIN advanced production process and treatment facilities it is characterized by remarkable organoleptic performance  and can be offered with different essential ionic loading like Magnesium or Potassium.
Governments around the world have put in place strong regulation for the use of Ion Exchange Resins in Drinking water preparation or for Food Contact: our SEPLITE® LSF983 fulfills all these requirements and has received formal Drinking Water certificate for the European Union from the German official certification laboratory TZW in Karlsruhe and for the USA from WQA the Official Water Quality Association.
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