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Extraction of Cephalosporin C
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Extraction of Cephalosporin C

1. Cephalosporin C

Also known as CPC (cephalosporin C, M = 415.44), it is an antibiotic produced by a fungus of the genus Cephalospores close to penicillin. Cephalosporin C is a raw material for the production of 7-aminocephalosporanoic acid (7-ACA, 7-aminocephalospranic acid, M=272.28), and 7-ACA is an important raw material for many synthetic cephalosporin antibiotics.
Cephalosporin C is a β-lactam antibiotic, which is a tripeptide structure, which is a β-lactam ring composed of α-aminosuccinic acid, cysteine or valine (quaternary ring six-membered ring) .

2. Preparation of cephalosporin C

At present, the cephalosporin C sodium salt is mainly prepared by separation and extraction from the fermentation broth, and the fermentation process is very mature in industry, and the purification process is the key step.

3. Resin method for separation & purification of cephalosporin C

Sunresin pioneered the development of a range of resins for the purification of cephalosporin C in China, including pretreatment resin, adsorption resin, decolorization and other special resins. Pretreatment resin, firstly remove impurities such as protein to protect the adsorption column; Decolorization step is behind the adsorption process, to further purify cephalosporin C.

4. Sunresin technology about separation & purification of cephalosporin C

Sunresin's cephalosporin C purification line has been a classic case in China, with a total yield of more than 90% and a total potency of over 100,000.
Fixed bed or simulated moving bed mode can be used. Generally, fixed bed is adopted, which is a relatively economical mode with low investment cost.

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