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Extraction of Anthocyanin
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Extraction of Anthocyanin

1. Anthocyanin 

A glycoside derivative is a water-soluble natural pigment widely found in plants in nature, and is a colored aglycon which is obtained by hydrolysis of anthocyanins.

Under normal natural conditions, free anthocyanins are rare, often with one or more glucose, rhamnose, galactose, xylose, arabinose, etc. through the glycosidic bond to form anthocyanins, glycosidic and hydroxyl groups in anthocyanidins An acid-based anthocyanidin may be formed by ester bonding with one or several molecules of an aromatic acid such as coumaric acid, ferulic acid, caffeic acid or p-hydroxybenzoic acid.

There is a highly molecular conjugated system in the anthocyanin molecule, which contains acidic and basic groups, and is easily soluble in polar solvents such as water, methanol, ethanol, dilute alkali and dilute acid. The color of anthocyanins varies with pH, pH 7 is red, purple at pH = 7 to 8, and blue at pH > 11.

It is known that there are more than 250 kinds of naturally occurring anthocyanins, and the earliest anthocyanins are red pigments of grape skin extracted from red grape residue.

2. Extraction method of anthocyanins

Like other plant extracts, mainly solvent extraction and water extraction. Solvent extraction was first developed, but it suffers from solvent residues and complicated steps. The aqueous solution extraction method is considered to be relatively safe. Modern water extraction methods, combined with other separation and purification technologies, enable a safe, low-cost, and efficient extraction process. Macroporous resin adsorption methods are often used in combination with water extraction methods to achieve the preparation of highly pure plant extracts.

3. Advantages of resin adsorption method

We have developed a special adsorption resin for anthocyanins, which has been successfully commercialized. The adsorption resin has a large adsorption amount, a high resolution rate, and good selectivity, and has been widely used in the extraction process of anthocyanins.
Experiments show that the highest purity of the prepared anthocyanin products is up to 40%, which is the highest standard of commercial anthocyanins; After the resin can be recycled for 20 times, the adsorption capacity is not significantly attenuated.

4. Sunresin resin adsorption line

In our case, Compact Skid Mounted Unit is generally used, which is a small integrated adsorption line, and easy to operate and has a lower investment cost than a typical fixed bed.
Large scale anthocyanins company could select the fixed bed to meet the production.

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