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Enzyme Carriers

SEPLIFE® Enzyme Carriers

Immobilized enzymes are widely used in the industry since they bring advantages in both operational and economic terms. Today, immobilized enzymes are used as biocatalysts in the production of APIs, food ingredients, chemical compounds as chiral enantiomers and now find also use in the medical devices.

Some of these industrial processes include beta-lactam antibiotic manufacture, for the preparation of 7-ACA、6-APA and 7-ADCA, in the fat and oli transformations, as an example for the preparation of baby formula ingredients, in the agrochemical industry and many other applications.

Due to the high mechanical and chemical resistance of Seplife® enzyme carriers, the application offers a high degree of flexibility, as they are suitable for either continuous processes (using fixed or expanded-bed reactors) or in batch processes (using stirred-tank configurations).

The key advantages of Seplife® enzyme carriers are:
• Easy immobilization procedure
• Possibility to recycle the immobilized enzyme for many cycles
• Complete regulatory support in process development

The Seplife® enzyme carriers include resins for covalent immobilization, adsorption, ionic and affinity immobilization, thus covering all industrial modern requirements of applied bioctalaysis.
Please download the brochure of immoblized enzyme carriers to learn more:
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Enzyme Carriers

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10 2023-08
Fred Ghanem has joined Sunresin as Vice President of Life Science division managing the American market

We are excited to announce that Fred Ghanem has joined Sunresin as Vice President of Life Science division managing the American market. Fred has 25 years experience in Ion Exchange Resins, adsorbents and specialty resins and 4 years in catalysis. With a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and a PhD in Chemical Engineering, expected 2023, Fred is a great asset that will help the company to grow substantially in the Life Science market.

26 2023-07
Sunresin has entered in a collaboration agreement with Prof Fernando Albericio and Prof Beatriz G. De La Torre from University of KwaZulu-Natal

We are excited to announce that Sunresin New Material has entered in a collaboration agreement starting from August 2023 with Prof Fernando Albericio and Prof Beatriz G. De La Torre from University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), South Africa, for the development of new resins for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), optimization of existing products and the development of novel chemistry to support pharmaceutical industry. Fernando does not need presentation. With more than 1000 publications in the field of SPPS and many patents, Fernando has helped for decades the peptide market to grow, expand and support patient life with the discovery of efficient processes for the manufacture of peptide APIs. Sunresin is now a recognized global leading company manufacturing on multiple ton scale resins that allow the production of API peptide by solid phase synthesis.

07 2023-07
Recruitment: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager (Life Science Products)

Sunresin is a leading company manufacturing Ion exchange resins, adsorbents and specialty resins for different industries. Sunresin has its headquarter in Xi’an China and is rapidly expanding globally. For our international Life Science division we looking for a Regulatory and QA manager able to assist the company growing in this field.

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