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Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
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Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Electronic grade hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in the semiconductor industry. According to statistics, the demand for high-purity hydrogen peroxide accounts for 10%-15% of the total high-purity reagent consumption in the semiconductor industry. High purity hydrogen peroxide is also an important raw material for caprolactam.

Almost all of the production of hydrogen peroxide at home and abroad uses the hydrazine method, so the hydrogen peroxide always contains a small amount of hydrazine. For example, in the production of caprolactam, the content of terpenoids increases with the operation of the apparatus, and the TOC is generally 300 ppm, which indirectly contaminates the quality of caprolactam.

Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

2. Purification of hydrogen peroxide

The purification of hydrogen peroxide is main to remove the organic carbon in the hydrogen peroxide.
The strong oxidizing and instability of hydrogen peroxide has limited many common purification methods. The use of macroporous resin adsorption has many advantages, such as high adsorption capacity, it still needs to meet the requirements of oxidation resistance.

Sunresin has developed a special resin for hydrogen peroxide with stable oxidation resistance and high adsorption capacity. The need for electronic grade hydrogen peroxide production can be achieved with a TOC of less than 10 ppb.

Purification of Hydrogen Peroxide

3. Sunresin hydrogen peroxide purification adsorption line

Based on the oxidation, corrosion and volatility of hydrogen peroxide, ordinary ion exchange columns are no longer sufficient. Sunresin has developed special equipment for purifying hydrogen peroxide. The equipment is made of special materials, simple in structure, safe and reliable. The pressure sensor can automatically adjust the pressure to solve the hidden danger that the rolling pressure may cause an explosion.
In our case, Sunresin provided a complete line of adsorption lines including the special resin and supporting equipment, focusing on any problems in the operation of the project, so that the production line can be put into operation quickly.

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