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Efficient Resource Treatment of Phenolic Waste Water
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Efficient Resource Treatment of Phenolic Waste Water

Phenolic compounds are important chemical raw materials and chemical intermediates, which are widely used in the production and processing of dyes, pesticides, adhesives, developers, etc. In the process of the use and synthesis of phenolic compounds, phenolic wastewater will inevitably be produced.

Because of the toxicity of phenolic substances, it will cause pollution to water and soil, and affect biological health. Therefore, in the water pollution control, waste water containing phenol is listed as one of the toxic and harmful waste water that needs to be solved, which can only be discharged after effectively removing phenol and reaching the standard.

Phenolic Waste Water

Based on the analysis of the molecular structure characteristics of phenolic compounds, combined with the molecular characteristics of resin skeleton, Sunresin has developed Seplite® LWT510 which is suitable for the efficient adsorption and removal of phenolic compounds in waste water, it can effectively adsorb and recover phenol, nitrophenol, aminophenol, naphthol and other phenolic compounds in waste water.

The adsorption removal rate is more than 99%. It is also known as Sunresin Seplite® LWT510 resin, which has been widely used in the treatment of phenol containing waste water in dye, pesticide and other industrial production enterprises, with stable operation effect. It is known as "star product of high efficiency treatment of phenol containing wastewater" by industrial enterprises.

Molecular Formula

Sunresin Seplite® LWT510 Resin Advantages:

1) High adsorption and removal efficiency, easy regeneration of resin.
2) Strong resin processing capacity and large processing capacity.
3) Stable performance and long service life.
4) A wide range of applicable working conditions and good practicability.
5) The realization of efficient recovery of phenolic compounds and the realization of more value.
6) Simple and convenient operation.

Sunresin Seplite® LWT510 Resin process flow for treating phenolic wastewater:

Sunresin seplite® LWT510 Resin process flow for treating phenolic wastewater


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