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Effect of Different Ion Exchange Resins
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Effect of Different Ion Exchange Resins

There are many kinds of ion exchange resins, the most basic of which is anion cation exchange resins. The application fields of different types of ion-exchange resins are also different. What are the uses of different ion exchange resins? Now, Sunresin will give you a brief explanation.

Strong alkaline styrene anion exchange resin has good mechanical strength and heat resistance, so it is often used for water extraction and wastewater treatment, in addition, it is also used for lining non-toxic plastic bags. Macroporous strong alkaline styrene anion exchange resin has stable chemical properties and macroporous structure. Therefore, it is used to adsorb large-scale impurities and recover heavy metals. Strong acidic styrene cation exchange resin has the characteristics of high exchange capacity and fast speed, so it is mostly used in softening hard water, desalted water, food, sugar making, and pharmaceuticals.

In a word, the use of different ion exchange resins is different. When choosing ion exchange resins, we should choose the appropriate ion exchange resins according to the use environment in order to realize their unique value.

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