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Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE)

Sunresin is the major DLE lithium sorbent producer in China which mainly used for extraction lithium from salar brine and geothermal brine etc with high efficiency.
Besides DLE sorbents,Sunresin is the solution provider which supply the whole EPC solution from brine to finished product(Lithium carbonate or lithium chloride )

Sunresin could build and deliver the plant including design, equipments, sorbents, installation guidance, pilot running and training etc.
Generally saying, we supplied the whole lithium plant which ready to use.

Till 31th March, 2022, sunresin took 9 commercial DLE projects. (3 installed+1 installing+5 new projects)
For all the nine contracts received, it could contribute a total capacity of 73,000 tons of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide
For other lithium sources( spodumene, clay and lapidolite etc), sunresin was mainly involving in impurities removing jobs like Ca, Boron removal etc.
Below is the overview of sunresin salar brine lithium projects till 31th March, 2022
We summary sunresin strength for Li with details as below:
Generally sunresin has been trying to optimizing the performance from overall project for many years:
For Ca, Mg and boron removal(impurity polishing), sunresin also dominated the market in China.

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Li Adsorbent                            Special for Lithium extraction from brine lake

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03 2023-06
Sunresin-Application of Adsorption and Separation Technology in Synthetic Biology

The adsorption and separation technology that Sunresin is engaged in is a highly efficient separation and purification platform technology with strong environmental friendliness, high automation, and good operational accuracy. As a leading global company in the adsorption and separation technology industry, we have been actively considering how to integrate our more than 20 years of research and development accumulation and technological advantages in the field of adsorption and separation with the national carbon neutrality path to contribute to the achievement of the dual-carbon goals and help optimize and upgrade downstream application processes.

25 2023-05
Advancing Ergothioneine Biosynthesis through Adsorption and Separation Technology

Sunresin has developed Uniform Particle Ion Exchange Resin using targeted research and development, advanced chromatographic equipment, and strict quality control, utilizing new synthetic biology technology. This resin is designed to address the impurities and high salt content of existing fermentation processes used to produce ergothioneine. It is used for chromatographic desalination, decolorization, and purification, achieving an inorganic/organic salt removal rate of over 95% in high salt systems, reducing conductivity to below 50μs/cm. Moreover, the uniform particle characteristic of the resin allows for lower pressure drop in the resin bed, larger online liquid processing capacity, lower resin breakage rate, and better impurity and salt removal compared to conventional resins. This results in higher yields and significantly improved production efficiency, while reducing production costs.

15 2023-05
Application of Sunresin's High-efficiency Defluoridation Resin in The Treatment of Industrial and Municipal Fluorine-containing Wastewater

To meet the high requirements of enterprises for fluoride content in wastewater and residents' demand for fluoride-free drinking water, Sunresin's research team has continuously researched, developed, and improved targeted adsorption fluoride removal resins LSC-760 and LSC-860 based on the typical industry wastewater quality and treatment process characteristics.

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