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  • Sunresin Park,No.135, jinye Road, Xi’an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaanxi-710076, China
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  • Tel: +86-29-89182091
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Sunresin is an ion exchange resin manufacturer, and also an EPC solution provider, welcome to contact us to solve your problems!

Sunresin New Materials Co.Ltd.,Xi'an
Add: Sunresin Park,No.135,jinye Road,
Xi'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,
Shaanxi, 710076
Tel: +86-29-89182091
Fax: +86-29-88453538

R&D Center and Factory
Add: No.33, jingwei 10 road,
Jinghe industrial park, Gaoling,
Shaanxi 710201,
Tel: +86-29-89182091
Fax: +86-29-88453538
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Here to Provide Complete Separation and Purification Solutions
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