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Chromatographic Separation
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Chromatographic Separation

The biotechnology industry is the most promising industry in the 21st century. With the development of biotechnology, the industrialization of biological products has increasingly become a concern of people. In the production process of biological products, the separation and purification of products, especially the separation and purification of active macromolecules, has become a recognized key link in the downstream technology of bioengineering, which determines the prospect of industrialization of biological products.

Chromatographic separation technology is a kind of separation method widely used in the separation and purification of complex mixtures. Various chromatographic methods involve common basic features: there is a stationary phase and a mobile phase, when the biological mixed stock solution (mobile phase) passes When a tube or column (stationary phase) is filled with a bead or matrix material, the physicochemical properties (such as attractiveness, solubility, molecular shape and size, molecular charge and affinity) of the components in the mixture are different. The components are separated by repeated distributions between the two phases. The non-denatured, natural state biological product can be purified by chromatographic separation technology, and has the advantages of high separation efficiency, good selectivity, mild conditions, and the like, and is suitable for separation and purification of multi-component complex mixture.

There are many methods for chromatographic separation techniques, among which ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, gel chromatography and affinity chromatography are the most commonly used chromatographic methods.
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