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Best Quarter Sales of Sunresin Salt Lake Lithium Extraction Project Verification Won High Praise from Customer 
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Best Quarter Sales of Sunresin Salt Lake Lithium Extraction Project Verification Won High Praise from Customer 

In the first half of 2020, Sunresin took active measures to minimize the impact of the epidemic. In terms of production, the new production capacity has been released obviously with the construction completion of the new production base, and the production capacity bottleneck which has restricted the development of the company for many years has been broken. As for R&D, the R&D for key application fields and urgently needed resin varieties in the market has been rapidly enlarged, and remarkable results have been achieved. In terms of sales, the large application fields for the international market started steadily, showing a good development momentum; Besides, Sunresin has strengthened the marketing organization in key areas of the domestic market and has been looking for new growth opportunities. In the aspect of  system engineering project, as we all know, the personnel flow is limited strictly because of the 2019-nCoV, so it is impossible to provide on-site commissioning service, the customers also couldn't visit China.

In order to solve this problem, the company adheres to innovative ideas as always and seeks opportunities in difficulties. In the Turkey project, a pioneering remote debugging program was tried. And remote commissioning has bee completed, finished products was produced in one fell swoop. What's more, remote training and project delivery of production lines has been completed successfully. At the same time, the company implements on-line visit to solve the interaction problem  with customers. The company has made every efforts to minimize the impact of the epidemic towards the business. In the second quarter, the company's business performance increased steadily, and the sales of adsorption&separation materials created the best level in a single quarter. Northeast Securities released the Research Report“Sunresin (300487): the second quarter performance exceeded expectations, the main business grew strongly".

Zangge Lithium Industry

Sunresin not only provides resin products, but also provides"product+device+technical service" turn-key solution for the customers.  Zangge Lithium Industry is one of the customers that benefits from the turn-key solution. Zangge Lithium Industry stated in an interactive exchange with investors: "The production of lithium carbonate adopted the adsorption method. The lithium extraction technology has the characteristics of simple operation, low cost, high product purity and strong process stability. The magnesium/lithium ratio of salt lake brine has no strict requirements and can meet the requirements of economic benefit development at the same time." The adsorption method adopted by Zangge Lithium Industry is a exploration and beneficial attempt of Sunresin to adapt its core technology-adsorption &separation technology-in recent years to meet the market needs of customers. At the same time, Zangge Lithium Industry added: "The used brine after lithium extraction will be recharged to the Qarhan Salt Lake to form a cycle, which will not cause environmental pollution." This shows that the system solution provided by Sunresin to customers has both economic benefits and environmental protection and greenness, and is a new industry of circular economy and sustainable development. At the same time, Jintai lithium industry project and Minmetals project which have also adopted Sunresin solution are being actively promoted. Sunresin has completed three representative projects of lithium extraction from salt lakes, and their successful operation shows that the industrial verification of lithium extraction from salt lake brine has been completed, and the road to large-scale industrialization is about to begin.

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