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Benzene Waste Gas VOCs Efficient Treatment and Recovery System Technology

Benzene, toluene, xylene, trimethyl benzene, and other benzene chemical raw materials are often used as solvents or synthetic raw materials, applications in pesticides, paints, coatings, inks, printing, rubber solvents and other industries. Benzene organics are highly volatile, due to the volatilization of benzene substances in the production process, the VOCs in the exhaust gas often exceed the standard, which brings environmental protection issue to the relevant production enterprises. At the same time, it also causes economic losses to the production enterprises due to the volatilization of benzene raw materials.

Common treatment including activated carbon (carbon fiber) adsorption or RTO incineration. However, activated carbon (carbon fiber) adsorption has disadvantages such as low adsorption recovery rate, difficulty to meet export standards, frequent filler replacement, and a large amount of hazardous waste generation.Although RTO incineration can solve the problem of exhaust gas emission compliance, it cannot be recovered, resulting in waste of raw material resources and high energy consumption during incineration. Therefore, how to find the solution of the resource recovery of VOCs and the emission of exhaust gas has become the common expectation of the industry.


Based on the research and analysis of the molecular characteristics of benzene organic raw materials, Sunresin innovatively developed seplite® CT-10 high specific surface, high strength polystyrene macroporous adsorption resin, combined with the self-designed sepsolut® exhaust gas adsorption system device, can achieve High-efficiency adsorption and recovery of benzene waste VOCs, high processing accuracy (tail gas VOCs can be processed to less than 20 mg / m³), benzene volatiles recovery rate is as high as 99%,  the treatment effect has been tested and industrialized by dozens of companies in different fields, running stable and reliable. Sunresin's special treatment resin and package system for waste gas VOCs provide a more cost-effective choice of benzene waste gas VOCs treatment for enterprises in related industries.

Advantages of Sunresin's resin and system package in benzene exhaust gas treatment:

1. Stable performance and low resin loss (used for more than five years under normal conditions, the annual replenishment rate is less than 10%).
2. Easy to desorb, the operating cost is much lower than the activated carbon or carbon fiber recycling process.
3. The processing precision is high, and the removal recovery rate is as high as 99%.
4. Goodwind resistance of the system with Spherical resin
5. Large processing flexibility and ability to withstand large fluctuations in air volume and concentration.

Process flow chart of benzene waste gas treatment by Sunresin system package:


Example of Sunresin's customer gas treatment scene:


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