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Basic Type of Ion Exchange Resin

According to "The Structure of Ion Exchange Resin" section, the functional group of the resin determines the properties and uses of the resin, so the classification of the resin and the functional groups are classified:

1. Strong acid cation exchange resin SAC-sulfate group-SO3H
SAC is capable of dissociating H+ and exhibit strong acidity, could be cation exchanged at any pH, and regenerated with acid.

2. Weak acid cation exchange resin WAC- carboxyl -COOH
WAC is capable of dissociating H+ and exhibit weak acidity. It can be cation exchanged in alkaline, neutral or slightly acid solutions, and generally regenerated with acid.

3. Strong base anion exchange resin SBA - quaternary ammonium-NR3OH
SBA is highly alkaline due to dissociation OH- in water. It can be anion exchanged at any pH, and are typically regenerated with NaOH.

4. Weak base anion exchange resin WBA- primary amine-NH2, secondary amine-NHR, Tertiary amine-NR2
WBA can dissociate OH- in water and shows weak alkaline, only work under neutral or acidic conditions (pH 1-9). They are generally used to remove the acid molecules in solution, and regenerated with Na2CO3, NH4OH.

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