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Application Principle of Ion Exchanger
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Application Principle of Ion Exchanger

Ion exchange is one of the most commonly used water treatment technologies. Ion exchange resins are polymer compounds with functional groups (active groups with exchange ions), network structure and insolubility. Usually spherical particles. Ion exchange is a water treatment equipment which removes electrolyte ions in water by using selectivity and equilibrium reaction principle of cation and anion exchange resins. It is widely used in water treatment, especially in the production of high purity water.

Ion exchange is carried out by ion exchange resin in the electrolyte solution, which can remove all kinds of anions and cations in water. It is an irreplaceable means in the process of preparing high purity water at present.

Ion exchangers are divided into cation exchangers and anion exchangers.

When the raw water passes through the ion exchange column, the cations in the water and the anions in the water (HCO-plasma) exchange with the H + ions of the cation resin in the exchange column and the OH-ions of the anion resin in the exchange column, so as to achieve the purpose of desalination. Different combinations of masonry and masonry columns can make the water quality meet higher requirements.

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