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Application of Strong Acid Ion Exchange Resin
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Application of Strong Acid Ion Exchange Resin

Application of Strong Acid Ion Exchange Resin

Strong acid ion exchange resin is a kind of granular product with sulfonic group on the crosslinked styrene skeleton. It can be used in all pH ranges (0-14), stable at various temperatures and resistant to high temperatures of 100-120℃. Therefore, it is widely used in water treatment for manufacturing pure water and soft water, as well as in pharmaceutical products, food refining, catalyst and other fields.

Strong acid ion exchange resin mainly contains strong acid reaction groups such as sulfonic acid group, which can exchange all cations. It is mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Application in wastewater treatment
1) Treatment of wastewater containing metal ions:
Ion exchange technology is widely used in wastewater treatment, especially in the removal and recovery of heavy metals. The active groups can chelate with heavy metal ions to form cage molecules with network structure, which can effectively adsorb heavy metal ions, and has a good adsorption effect on pb, Cd, Cu, Ni ions in heavy metal wastewater.

Wastewater treatment

2) Treatment of organic wastewater:
Cation exchange resin can be used for adsorption and treatment of high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater and formaldehyde wastewater.

2. Chemical production
1) Application in biodiesel:
It features high catalytic activity, convenient for separation of products, no corrosion of equipment and reusability. It has potential industrial application value in the preparation of biodiesel.

Chemical production

2) Application of catalytic synthesis:
A series of esterification reactions catalyzed by strongly acidic ion exchange resin have obtained good catalytic effect, and have been widely used in various catalytic reactions. Strongly acidic cation exchange resin as a catalyst has the advantages of simplified production processes, reduced effluent discharge, less equipment corrosion, improved safety, fewer side reactions, resin recycling and lower production costs.

3. Bio-pharmaceutical
1) Separation and extraction of bioactive substances:
Alkaloids: it has been successfully used in the separation and purification of genistein, rhynchophylline, uncaria, mulberry leaf alkaloids.
Others: it can be used for glucose, xylose and arabinose of lignocellulosic hydrolysates, the extraction of high-purity acarbose and the supernatant of purified decolorized molasses, and the crude product of nucleoside peptide agricultural antibiotic neomycin alginate.


2) Mask taste and control release as a drug:
The ion exchange resin can also be used to mask the taste of liquid formulation and for controlled drug release applications. The drug-resin compound can keep intact in the oral cavity and effectively mask the taste. In the gastrointestinal tract, the drug of the drug-resin compound can be released due to the participation of ion and change of pH.

4. Food industry
1) Application in sugar foods:
Its application in sugar-based foods is mainly in decolorization, desalination, softening, by-product recovery, sugar conversion and separation, etc.

Food industry

2) Application in alcoholic foods:
And strongly acidic ion exchange resin can adjust pH value, remove heavy metal ions and remove turbidity in liquor.

5. Hydrometallurgy industry
1) Strategic metals such as hafnium and titanium can be separated successfully by cation exchange method.


2) Nano humic acid-based ion exchange composite resin can be used to treat Metallurgical Wastewater System with multi-ions, especially for Ni2+ and Cd2+ ions, which has the advantages of fast adsorption speed, high exchange capacity and good selectivity. High concentration and purity of nickel and cadmium ions in the recovery solution.

As mentioned above, strongly acidic ion exchange resin can be used for so many fields. As a professional manufacturer of strongly acidic ion exchange resin, Sunresin New Materials Co.Ltd. can provide you with the best quality service. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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