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Applications of Chelating Resin
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Applications of Chelating Resin

A chelating resin is a cross-linking functional polymer material capable of forming a multi-coordination complex with a metal ion. The mechanism by which a chelate resin adsorbs metal ions is that a functional atom on a resin undergoes a coordination reaction with a metal ion to form a stable structure similar to a small molecule chelate, and the mechanism of adsorption of the ion exchange resin is electrostatic. Therefore, compared with the ion exchange resin, the chelating resin has stronger binding ability to metal ions and higher selectivity, and can be widely applied to recovery and separation of various metal ions, amino acid resolution, hydrometallurgy, and pollution prevention. Etc.

The main applications of chelating resins are in the field of metal processing, metal recycling, hydrometallurgy, and impurity removal.
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