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Application of Adsorbent Resin
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Application of Adsorbent Resin

At present, adsorbent resin have been widely used in wastewater treatment, food analysis, chemical reagent purification, medical analysis and so on. Especially, some special high performance adsorbent resins can effectively treat wastewater and realize the reuse of wastewater.

1. Application in organic wastewater treatment.

The macroporous adsorbent resin CHA-111 can be used to treat phenolic wastewater which is harmful to the environment in China and then oxidized by sodium hypochlorite. It achieves the goal of standard emission. In addition, the adsorbent resin can be reused after desorption, and the resolved pollutants can be recycled.

2. Application in Food Anti-Corruption Agent Analysis

In the determination of sorbic acid in food by thiobarbituric acid spectrophotometry, the interference of aldehyde, ketone, ester and sugar can be eliminated by adsorbent resin.

3. Application in Pharmaceutical Analysis

The extraction and separation technology of macroporous adsorbent resin is applied to the preparation of antihypertensive capsules. The effective components are extracted from the compound by non-polar macroporous adsorbent resin method. The optimum adsorption and desorption conditions are investigated by orthogonal experimental design and the experimental production is carried out. The results show that the macroporous resin method simplified the process and shortened the life span. The production cycle improves the concentration of the product, which is more suitable for industrial production and can replace the original solvent extraction and precipitation process.
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