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Application Fields Of Ion Exchange Resins
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Application Fields Of Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange resin is widely used, because of its characteristics, there are countless domestic manufacturers of ion exchange resin for sale, and Sunresin, a professional manufacturer of ion exchange resin, is trustworthy. So what are the main applications?

1)Water treatment
Ion exchange resins are in great demand in the field of water treatment, accounting for about 90% of the production of ion-exchange resins, which are used for the removal of various anions and cations in water. At present, the consumption of ion exchange resin is used in pure water treatment of thermal power plant, followed by atomic energy, semiconductor, electronic industry and so on.

2)Food industry
Ion exchange resins can be used in industrial devices such as sugar making, monosodium glutamate, liquor refining, and biological products.

3)Pharmaceutical Industry
Ion exchange resins in the pharmaceutical industry play an important role in developing a new generation of antibiotics and improving the quality of original antibiotics. The successful development of streptomycin is a prominent example. In recent years, there have been some studies on the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine.

4)Synthetic Chemistry and Petrochemical Industry
In organic synthesis, acid and base are often used as catalysts for esterification, hydrolysis, transesterification, and hydration. These reactions can also be carried out by using ion-exchange resins instead of inorganic acids and bases, with more advantages.

5)Environmental protection
Ion exchange resins have been used in many environmental protection issues of great concern. At present, many aqueous or non-aqueous solutions contain toxic ions or non-ionic substances, which can be recycled by resins.

6)Hydrometallurgy and others
Ion exchange resin can separate, enrich, purify uranium from depleted uranium ore and extract rare earth elements and precious metals.

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