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Application Fields of Chelating Resins

Chelating resins are widely used in hydrometallurgy, analytical chemistry, marine chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, geochemistry, radiochemistry and catalysis. In addition to being a metal ion chelating agent, it can also be used as a catalyst for oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, olefin addition polymerization, oxidative coupling polymerization, and for the resolution of racemates of amino acids and peptides.

The mechanical, thermal, optical and electromagnetic properties of chelating resins have changed after they combine with metal ions to form complexes. With this property, polymer chelates can be made into high temperature resistant materials, photosensitive polymers, ultraviolet resistant agents, antistatic agents, conductive materials, adhesives and surfactants, which are cross-linked functional polymer materials that can form multi-coordination complexes with metal ions. Compared with ion exchange resins, chelating resins have stronger binding force and higher selectivity to metal ions. They can be widely used in recovery and separation of various metal ions, separation of amino acids, hydrometallurgy and pollution prevention.

Chelating resin for ionic membrane caustic soda. Because ionic membrane caustic soda has higher requirements for the purity of brine, it is difficult to meet the requirements of harmful ions in brine by traditional precipitation process. LSC-500 Aminophosphonic Resin and LSC-100 Aminocarboxylic Resin of Sunresin can effectively remove harmful ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Sr2+, etc. from brine, so that secondary brine can fully meet the requirements of ion-exchange membrane process. 

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