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Application areas and industries of Sunresin’s Multimodal Chromatography Media

Applications of Sunresin’s Multimodal Chromatography Media

1. Flow-through purification of viral biologics, such as inactivated vaccines and attenuated vaccines including rabies, influenza vaccines etc. Seplife Suncore 700 and Seplife Suncore 400 can be used for virus particles >700 KDa (about 30nm), while Seplife Suncore 400 is used for virus particles >400 KDa.


2. Purification of virus-like particles (VLPs) in flow-through mode VLP vaccine is also one of the important technologies for vaccine production. For example, hepatitis B vaccines adopt the VLP technology. The particles of VLP hepatitis B vaccine are about 22nm, which can be purified by Seplife Suncore 400 flow-through mode


3. Flow-through purification of viral vectors Viral vectors such as adenovirus vectors and attenuated influenza virus vectors used to produce vector vaccines can be purified and polished using Seplife Suncore 700. For cell therapy and gene therapy, viral vectors such as lentivirus (LV), retrovirus (RV) can be purified with Seplife Suncore 700, and adeno-associated virus (AAV) can be purified with Seplife Suncore 400.


4. Flow-through purification of pDNA The pDNA used for the production of nucleic acid drugs can be purified by the Seplife Suncore 700 flow-through mode. The pDNA flows through the outer water volume, while the RNA, HCP, endotoxin, etc. enter the core area through the gap of the shell layer, and are bound in the chromatography medium, thus achieving separation and purification.


5. Flow-through purification of exosomes The exosomes secreted by cells are usually in the range of 30-150nm. When the clarified cell culture fluid passes through the Seplife Suncore 700 multimodal chromatography resins, the exosomes are excluded from the shell and flow through, while HCP, HCD and other impurities enter the core region through the gaps of the shell layer and get bounded on the chromatographic medium, thereby achieving separation and purification.


6. Flow-through purification of nanocarriers With the development of technology, nanocarriers are also widely used in the development of gene therapy vectors and novel vaccines. Due to the relatively large particles, nanocarriers can also be purified by Seplife Suncore 400/700 in flow-through mode.

Sectors of interest for Sunresin’s Multimodal Chromatography Media

1. Human vaccines  In the production of human vaccines, Sunresin’s multimodal chromatography resins are usually combined with ion exchange chromatography such as Seplife Q Large Scale, or combined with gel filtration chromatography Seplife 4FF to complete the entire purification process.


2. Animal vaccines Similar to human vaccines, with the difference of the fact that animal vaccines typically only require one-step multimodal chromatography to meet the purity requirements.


3. Cell and gene therapy Cell and gene therapy, viral vectors, from initial pDNA preparation, pDNA purification to viral vector purification can all be purified and polished by Sunresin’s Core-Shell multimodal chromatography. At the same time, the nanocarriers in the non-viral vectors in the gene therapy can also be separated and purified using the same products.


4. Other sectors  For example, in the IVD industry, when exosomes are prepared, exosomes can be separated and purified by Sunresin’s Core-Shell multimodal chromatography.

chromatography resins in a large-scale production line for viral vaccines

(Hundreds of liters of Sunresin’s multimodal chromatography resins in a large-scale production line for viral vaccines.)

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