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Advantages of Resin Catalyst
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Advantages of Resin Catalyst

1. Adjustable catalytic activity

The resin can be made into resin catalysts of different shapes, structures and load capacities depending on the application. The reactive groups of the macroporous resin are generally on the surface of the macropores and are readily accessible to the reactants. When it is desired to reduce the load capacity, some acid groups may be partially neutralized by acid-base titration, or some metal ions or groups having a catalytic effect may be introduced by partial ion exchange to increase the activity or selectivity of the catalyst.

2. The wide application

The granular and porous structure of the resin makes it suitable for both gas phase and liquid phase reactions, as well as non-aqueous systems. Since the resin catalyst has such physical properties, after the reaction is completed, the catalyst can be separated from the reaction mixture by a simple filtration method, and the post-treatment of neutralization, washing, drying, distillation, etc. after the use of the conventional acid or alkali catalyst is eliminated. The procedure avoids the pollution of the environment by waste acid and alkali liquid. In addition, unnecessary side reactions due to strong oxidizing, dehydrating and sulfonating properties when sulfuric acid is used are also avoided.

3. Achieve continuous production

The macroporous resin has a fixed structure and its volume is less affected by the action of the solvent. Therefore, it is suitable for packed column operations to achieve production continuity. Higher flow rates can be achieved at lower pressures and reaction solvents with widely varying polarities can be used.

4. Saving construction investment

Compared with the low molecular acid catalyst, the acidic resin catalyst is in the interior of the resin, eliminating the contact of the acid with the reactor wall and avoiding the trouble of acid corrosion of the reactor wall. Therefore, the equipment and equipment used do not have to be expensive materials that are highly corrosion-resistant, thus saving construction investment.
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