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Advantages and Prospects of Adsorbent Resin
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Advantages and Prospects of Adsorbent Resin

Advantages of adsorbent resins:

1. Adsorbent resin is adsorbable due to the van der Waals force and hydrogen bond between them and the adsorbed molecules.

2. Adsorbent resins have screening properties. They can selectively adsorb organic substances from solution, so that organic compounds can be separated by solvent elution according to their adsorptive power and molecular weight to achieve different purposes of separation, purification, impurity removal and concentration.

3. It is easy to regenerate and can be used repeatedly.
The chemical and physical structures of adsorbent resins can be easily controlled artificially, and resins with different structures and properties can be synthesized according to different needs. Therefore, adsorbent resins have many varieties and wide applications.

Prospects of adsorbent resins

1. Firstly, for drug production, macroporous adsorbent resin lacks medicinal standards, and the technology lacks uniform and strict quality control standards in resin materials. The domestic macroporous adsorbent resin used is poor in quality, and weak in rigidity. It is easy to break. As a result, synthetic materials such as porous agents or solvents are not cleanly removed. It is easy to flow into the liquid and cause secondary pollution.

2. Secondly, macroporous adsorbent resin lacks standardized technical conditions in production, and there is no standardized evaluation index for its pretreatment, regeneration and purification process conditions.

3. Therefore, standardization and standardization of the research and production of macroporous resins will help to improve the quality of traditional Chinese medicine products and promote the high-tech industrialization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine industry.
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