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Physical Condition of Resin Beads

The particle size and physical properties of ion exchange resin have a great influence on its performance.

Density of resins

The density of resin during drying is called true density. The weight of wet resin per unit volume (even the voids between particles) is called apparent density. The density of resin is related to its crosslinking degree and the properties of exchange groups. Generally, the densities of resins with a high crosslinking degree are higher, those with strong acidity or alkalinity are higher than those with weak acidity or alkalinity, while those of macroporous resins are lower.

Resin particle size 

Ion exchange resins are usually made into beads of small particles, and their size is also important. The finer the resin particles, the faster the reaction, but the finer the resistance of liquid through larger, need higher working pressure; especially the high viscosity of concentrated sugar liquid, this effect is more significant. Therefore, the size of the resin beads should be selected appropriately.

When resin beads are used, there are some changes, such as transfer, friction, expansion, and shrinkage. After long-term use, there will be a small amount of loss and breakage, so the resin should have higher mechanical strength and wear resistance. We have also done some research on this point in Sunresin, resin beads manufacturer. Generally, resins with a low crosslinking degree are more fragile, but the durability of resins depends more on the uniformity of the crosslinking structure and its strength. For example, macroporous resin with a high crosslinking degree has a stable structure and can resist repeated regeneration.

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