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Polymeric adsorbent for Volatile Organic Compounds adsorption


SEPLITE® CT-10 is a specially developed polymeric adsorbent resin for Volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Its adsorptive properties derive from its macroreticular pore structure, high surface area, designed pore size distribution, and the aromatic nature of its surface.
SEPLITE® CT-10 could be used for the adsorption and recovery of VOCs with Low & medium concentration Iike:
Alkanes (n-hexane, heptane, cyclohexane, etc.), halogenated hydrocarbons (trichloroethane) Alkene, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethane, dichloromethane, chloroform, chlorobenzene, etc., aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene,Toluene, xylene, etc.) and lower alcohols (isopropanol, butanol, etc.), ketones (acetone, methyl organic substances such as isopropanone, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, esters (ethyl acetate, butyl acetate) etc.
It has excellent physical, chemical, and thermal stability, enjoyed over 90% VOCs recovery and served quite long life
by steam regeneration. Compared with Activated carbon, SEPLITE® CT-10 has the advantages of higher adsorption rate, lower operation cost, longer lifespan and more clean in production etc.seplite-ct-10-vocs-treatment-adsorbent-resin

Treatment for vocs

Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Matrix Structure Styrene-divinylbenzene
Physical Appearance Reddish brown spherical beads
Particle size (mm) 0.6-1.2mm
Moisture content (%) 54-65
Bulk Density ( g/l) 650-750
Whole beads count (%) ≥95
Specific Surface Area 1000—1200 m2 /g

Resins should be stored in sealed containers or bags where temperature was above 0℃ in dry conditions without exposure to direct sunlight.
Do not mix ion exchange resin with strong oxidizing agents; otherwise it will cause violent reactions.
In case of eyes contact with resins, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water, and consult a specialist. Material and samples must be disposed according to local regulations.
Dry polymers will expand when become wetted and may cause an exothermic reaction. Spilled materials may be slippery.

SEPLITE® and Monojet™ are registered trademarks of Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd., Xi`an

  • This information is general information and may differ from that based on actual conditions. For more information about SEPLITE® resins, please contact SUNRESIN® directly.

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