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A New Favorite of Industrial Purification in Lactic Acid Production: Sunresin Seplite® LX6703

Lactic acid is a kind of multi-purpose organic acid and it is also one of the three recognized organic acids in the world. It is made of starch (such as corn, rice, dried potato, etc.) by biological fermentation. The global lactate consumption market is about 500000 tons / year, which is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

In the fermentation process of lactic acid, calcium salt is often used to neutralize the lactic acid produced in the fermentation process and keep the pH of the system within a suitable range to ensure the normal fermentation of bacteria. The resulting crude calcium lactate fermentation liquid needs to be treated with multi-stage anion and cation exchange resin to produce the required lactic acid products. In the process of multi-stage ion exchange purification, anion exchange resin refining is the most important part. The performance of anion exchange resin will directly affect the purification effect, efficiency and cost. Therefore, the selection of anion exchange resin in this process has naturally become the focus of the relevant manufacturers in the industry. 

Sunresin Seplite® LX6703 food grade macroporous acrylic acid weak base anion exchange resin, due to its good particle size uniformity, higher exchange capacity and exchange speed, as well as superior mechanical strength and impermeability, has shown excellent effect in the purification process of lactic acid. In the application evaluation of industrial customers, its extraordinary performance has been fully verified and affirmed. As a promising product in the purification process of lactic acid, Seplite® LX6703 is bound to fulfill its mission and create greater value for customers.

The advantages of Sunresin Seplite® LX6703 are summarized as follows:

(1) The resin exchange capacity is larger, which can significantly improve the processing capacity and reduce the production cost.
(2) Resin exchange speed is faster, which can significantly improve the treatment efficiency.
(3) Resin treatment has higher precision.
(4) The special resin white beads process enables the resin to have better resistance to high concentration organic acid osmotic pressure. After long-term repeated regeneration, the resin can still maintain good mechanical strength.
(5) The resin channels are more well-distributed, and the resin is easy to regenerate, and has good anti-pollution performance.
(6) The resin particle size is more uniform, which can bring better hydraulic properties in use, and the system pressure drop is smaller.

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