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Sunresin Signed a 25 Million US Dollars DLE Contract on Lithium Carbonate Extraction System

It was announced by Sunresin that a DLE contract of $25 million dollars using Sunresin patent resin adsorption technology solution as a package was signed on 15th June 2023, while the project owner is HANACOLLA.

Located in the Tolar Grande Arizaro Lake, Salta Province, Argentina, this project is the first DLE battery-grade lithium carbonate extraction plant with an industrial scale of 3000 MT/Year. Once the project is constructed and put into operation as scheduled, it will enrich the application and industrialization experience of adsorbent DLE technology on brine with different features such as Qinghai, Tibet, Argentina, and others. This project will become the demonstration project of South American "Lithium Triangle". It will help the company expand its international markets for lithium extraction from salt lake brine, consolidate its market position in this field, and promote the development of the metals resource business segment.

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