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Waste Water & Reuse

SEPLITE® waste water treatment chemicals together with the equipment and technology have been broadly applied in various fields like chemical, dyestuff, pesticide, pharmacy. Sunresin has made great efforts for years on R & D for comprehensive management of  water pollution controlling and resourcing.

SEPLITE® resins,covering XDA hyper-cross linked  polystyrene  macroporous adsorbents,

LSC chelating resin and LSA complexing adsorbent resin, integrated  with  fixed bed  or continuous ion exchange technology have been successfully industrialized in  organic waste water treatment  and heavy metal polluted water. Meanwhile, some useful or valuable contents are enriched, recycled and reused, therefore to develop new sources of profits growth to balance the cost of environment protection.  





SEPLITE® Adsorbent Resins for Waste Water Treatment




XDA Series

adsorbent resin   

Treatment of Organic polluted water.                                                                  

Recycling phenols, amines, organic acids, nitro-, halogenated hydrocarbon 

from waste water of industries as petrochemical, dyestuff, pesticide,

medicine and their intermediates.      

In recycled water project recovering low-medium boiling solvent, removing

minim organic, color and ammonia nitrogen to lower RO discharge to



Advantages of SEPLITE® waste water treatment resins:

 Suitable pore diameter, high surface area as well as high selectivity to target substances.
 Good resistance to high temperature, salt, acid and alkali

 Suitable for various techniques.
 Excellent kinetic properties which leads to high adsorption rate.
 Lowers unpredictable cost, easy operating, and low requirements for physical condition
 Resin is reusable, no secondary pollution.


SEPLITE® Specialty Resins for Water and Waste Water Treatment



LSC 710

Heavy metal removal from solutions, secondary brine refinery.

LAR 714

Arsenic removal

LSC 720

Heavy metal removal, Au, Pt, Pd, Hg, etc. 

LSC 740  

Mercury removal

LSC 750

 Purification of secondary brine in chlor-alkali plants,good selective in

 removing  polyvalent cations

LSC 760

Fluoride removal

LSC 780

Boron removal

LSC 106 plus   

Nitrate removal  

LSC 106 

Perchlorate removal