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Quality Control 

With a professional QC team of professionals, Sunresin maintains a very stringent system of quality control in all of its operations.


All of Sunresin resins are manufactured under ISO standards and our plants are equipped with the most advanced analytical instruments.


In addition, all our food and pharmaceutical grade resins are produced under the guidance of FDA standards.Each batch of raw materials and finished products would be validated by Sunresin's Quality Assurance system.And each of our shipments includes Sunresin Certificate of Analysis (COA).

This assures our customers that all materials have been tested and meet our high standards of quality 

assurance.This also helps our customers ensure consistency and integrity in the qualities of our products.



 Our QC Team supports our customers in the following ways:

 1.Builds the trust in the quality of Sunresin products
 2.Enables customers to identify the level of quality standards;
 3.Helps customers ensure consistency and integrity in their own application