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Sunresin Attended The 2014 International Conference Of Ion Exchange Nov 15, 2014

On Nov 9th to 12th 2014, Sunresin, on the behalf of the China ion exchange industry, has participated in

the 2014 International Conference of Ion Exchange (ICIE) held in Okinawa, Japan.


ICIE is one of the world's most influential academic conference on Ion Exchange technology. Japanese ICIE

which is held alternately every 4 years is the major ion exchange events worldwide.These unique meetings

provide the opportunity for researchers to present the papers as well as to discuss on the applications and

developments in the theory and practice of ion exchange and related topics.



The synopsis content mainly covered five applications, including metal recovery and separation, environmental

protection, pharmaceutical ingredients and herbal plants extraction and separation, membrane technology, and

 other alternative adsorption materials.


During the conference, Sunresin delivered the speech for introducing the key points of Ion exchange resin technology for hydrometallurgy field application and its new achieves in China, and also made the exchange

ideas and discussion with some researchers. As the only Chinese enterprises to attend the conference,

Sunresin has shown the new appearance of active, innovative, confident to the competitor in the world.