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High-Purity Water: Demanding Requirements Drive Treatment Advancements In Ultrapure Nov 20, 2014

Watercharacterized as "ultrapure" has been treated to an extreme level of purity, stripped of contaminants, particles and ions.In some cases, it is so pure that it can actually be characterized as an industrial solvent. Water treated to these exceptionally pure standards is critical to the semiconductor industry, which needs ultrapure water for chip washing, rinsing and etching processes.


Ultrapure water is also utilized in the production of flat panel displays and photovoltaic panels, and in the pharmaceutical industry, it is critical for injection and for cleaning process equipment. The power industry is yet another user, employing ultrapure water to serve as feedwater for steam boilers.


According to market research firm The McIlvaine Company, the global ultrapure water market will reach $4.9 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at 8 percent over the next couple of years, driven largely by Asia -- and particularly China, where ultrapure water systems are increasingly needed in response to growth in coal-fired power plants and a boom in electronics and generic drug manufacturing.That it means there is more demand for the water treatment chemicals for the ultrapure water.


The new  Water & Process Technologies is widely used in many fields or industries, so the chemicals like ion exchange resins or mixed bed resins are the first choice for treating the ultrapure water.

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