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Academician Zhang Quanxing's Report At Sunresin's Newly Built Industrial Park Sep 28, 2016

On Sep 24th, Sunresin invited Mr.Zhang Quanxing--the academician of  Chinese Academy of Engineering,

and also professor of Environmental Sciences at Nanjing University to give a report regarding the "The History

and prospects of China's  Ion exchange resins industry”at Sunresin's newly built industrial park and headquarter.



The meeting was held by Mr.kou, the general manager of Sunresin, and more than 100 staff from different

departments have attended. Mr. Zhang -- an eighty years old professor who is witnesses of China's ion exchange

technology development said that it was his honor to present the general history of the industry as a pioneer and

researcher. He highly praised Sunreisn's great contribution to the ion exchange and adsorption resin technology

that applied in the food processing, herbal extraction, water & waste water treatment, pharmaceuticals,

hydrometallurgy and etc.

Mr.Zhang Quanxing expected that sunresin will fully adopt its comprehensive advantages to take the lead for further development of ion exchange resins technology and realize prominent growth of its total output value in the future.

Sunresin--- as the only public company in China’s adsorption and separation field is confident to obtain the

sustained and steady development and remarkable achievements through our continuous innovation, advantages

combination and international perspective.