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Membrane Caustic Soda

To improve the efficiency and enhance the life cycle of 

membranes, it is essential to supply with high purity 

secondary brine water for the membrane processing, which leads to the essential use of chelating resin for removing 

ions like Ca2+,Mg2+,Sr 2+ etc.

Since year 2009,Sunresin SEPLITE® chelating type of 

ion exchange resin for secondary brine purification has 

been topped the market share in China chlor-alkali 

industry,while China also has the biggest caustic producing capacity in world.

SEPLITE® LSC750 amino phosphoric acid and LSC710

iminodiacetate resin are able to effectively remove harmful 

ions as stated above, therefore making secondary brine 

water fully satisfied for membrane technique.



SEPLITE® Chelating resin for membrane caustic soda




Heavy metal removal in waste water, such as Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb, ect,    hydrometallurgy.


Purification of secondary brine in chlor-alkali plants, good selective  in removing polyvalent cations, such as Ca2+, Mg2+, ect.





Characteristic of SEPLITE® LSC750 and LSC710


  Strong Resistance to osmotic shock

High strength of resistance to wear and penetrate, low wastage, 5% annual supplement, stable kinetics 



 High volumetric chelating capacity

High capacity makes larger quantity of brine water in 

one cycle, effectively remove Ca2+ Mg2+ Sr2+, etc..


 Uniform particle size

Excellent regeneration operation kinetics performance

Good compatibilityfor major electrolytic cell in market, 

like AKCC Japan, Uhde, Chlorine engineers, AGC 

Japan,Blue star etc.