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What is water demineralization by Ion exchange? May 10, 2017

Demineralization is a process of removing mineral salt from water by using ion-exchange. The resulted water 

after the process will be free of dissolved minerals.

Demineralization will involve Distillation, Deionization, Membrane Filtration or Electrodyalisis. Demineralized water

with minerals removed is known as de-ionized water. Deionization is a physical process that removes mineral ions 

such as cations of sodium, calcium, iron, copper, sulphate, nitrate, etc. 

The process involves several steps which starts by flowing the raw water through two polystyrene bed with ion 

exchange resins. The first polystyrene bed is used to exchange cations and hydrogen ions while the second one, 

hydroxyl ions and the anions are exchanged.

Sunresin's premium grade mixed bed resin Seplite MB20 is very suitable for water demineralization. 

The resin is mixed with 40% cation and 60% anion resins and is used fo producing high purity water after 

RO for many industries like Water engineering, EDM, Cleaning, Aquarium, Medical labs and etc.