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How do ion exchange resins work to remove heavy metals from water ? Apr 20, 2017

Heavy metals in water are natural components of the Earth's crust. They cannot be degraded or destroyed. 

There are usually  Mercury (Hg), Cooper(Cu),Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As), Chromium (Cr), Thallium (Tl), and 

Lead (Pb) etc that come into water through various channels. 

However, at higher concentrations they can lead to poisoning. Heavy metal poisoning could result, 

for instance, from drinking-water contamination (e.g. lead pipes), high ambient air concentrations near emission 

sources, or intake via the food chain.

Sunresin produces a kind of chelating ion exchange resin Seplite LSC710 which can effectively remove the several

types of heavy metals, especially Cooper from aqueous solutions, for example from drinking water. 


The resin is with unique chemical structure, with better bead strength, provides higher exchange capacity which can 

ensure the excellent performance in operation and longer lifespan.

By make regeneration, the resins can be used for many cycles to get better cost performance.