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Adsorbent resins for COD redution from aromatic compounds contained organic wastewater Jun 05, 2017

Usually in the manufacturing of dyestuff, intermediate and other chemicals, there will generate orgainic wastewater which contain aromatic compounds like phenols, nitrophenols, nitroaniline, chlorophenols, chloroanilines. these are very toxic and will cause high COD and dark color that can not reach the permissible standard for waste water discharging.

Sunresin produces a series of high crosslinked macroporous adsorbent resins which can effectively remove the COD and dark color from the aromatic compounds wastewater.

With their unqiue pore structure and large surface area, the resins are very suitable to adsorb the target substances and can be easily regenerated, very simple in operation.

After resin adsorption, the wastewater can be discharged directly or resued back into the production process. 

Besides, with our adsorbent resins, some valuable substances like phenlos can be recyclable to realize

the  maximum economic benefits.