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Herbal Extraction

SEPLITE®polymer resins for plant are effectively applied for Herbal extraction and separation of

active ingredients from plant liquors, such as flavones, polyphenols,proanthocyanidins (OPCs), stevia,

alkaloid, etc. , as while as for removal of water-soluble and alcohol-soluble pigments.


Equipped  with  advanced testing instrument together with experienced testing technical for remaining substances, Sunresin is able to provide different  resins for food grade, medicine grade and industrial grade , which are supposed to meet various requirements from customer.





Sunresin now takes around 70% of the market share for plant extraction polymer resin.Based on our best cost-performance, we can supply better, more effective resins for plant extraction to our customers.


SEPLITE® Polymeric Resin for Herbal Extracts 



MC 260

For saponins extracts.                                                            

E.g. Gynostemma Gypenosides, Panax Notoginseng Saponins (PNS), Panaxquinquefoliuml saponin, hesperidin, etc.

MC 265

LXA 11 

LXA 866

LXA 10          

LXA 28                   

AB 8                 

LXA 838   

For flavonoids extracts.                                                             

E.g. Gingko flavonoids, soy isoflavones, etc.    

LXA 7           

LXA 8           

LXA 880          

LXA 17

For polar materials ,such as anthraquinones, pololyphenols, alkaloids, organic acids, etc.

LXA 70           

LXA 10G          

LXA 680          

LXA 10          

LXA 822


For water soluble pigments, such as carotenoids red pigment, beet red, carthaminyellow, etc.                                                                      




SEPLITE® Specialty Polymeric Resin for Herbal Extracts



LXA 21                               

Herbal Extraction of chlorogenic acid from eucommia and honeysuckle. 


Herbal Extraction of anthocyanin from cranberry and blackcurrants. 

LXA 10   

Herbal Extraction of proanthocyanidins from grape seeds.   

LXA 8                 

LXA 801          

LXA 680           

LXA 866 

Herbal Extraction, separation and purification of stevia. 

LXA 838             

DM 130                                      

Herbal Extraction of Gingko flavonoids, soy isoflavones              

LXA 8               

LXA 17   

Herbal Extraction of tea polyphenols, effectively remove caffeine and  improve EGCG and ECG content.

LSD 001

Herbal Extraction of alkaloids, amino acid and peptides.

LSD 632              

LXA 870

Decoloration of saponins, stevia, etc. extracts.   

LXA 820B             

LXA 2000

Chromatography purification of effective component and antibiotic                                  

from plant extracts.

LBR 807

Separation of amino acids, protein removal, purification of natural  products such as chlorogenic acid.

LXA 803

Purification of tea alkaloids.