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  • Sunresin Park, No.135, Jinye Road, Xi'an Hi- tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaanxi, 710076, China

  • TEL: +86-29-8918 2091

  • FAX: +86-29-8845 3538

  • Email: seplite@sunresin.com

Contact Us 

Headquarter and Business Center

Add:  Sunresin Park,No.135, Jinye Road, Xi'an Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Shaanxi, 710076 China.

Tel:   +86-29-8918 2091

Fax:  +86-29-8845 3538

Email: seplite@sunresin.com





R&D Center and Factory 

Add: 10th JingHe Industrial Park, Xi'an and Technology Development zone Shaanxi 710201, China

Tel:  +86-29-8918 2091

Fax: +86-29-8845 3538




Distributor Opportunities

Sunresin is a leading ion exchange manufacturer in China, our aim is to be the leading ion exchange 

company in the world.Sunresin is now seeking partners that are interested in forming mutual profitable 

partnerships through the selling and distributing of our resin and equipments worldwide.

Our objective is to establish a network of qualified, dedicated distributors throughout the globe 

to maximize the sales opportunities of our products.

If you have an expertise in construction and/or building related industries, we would be interested 

to hearing from you.