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Agarose Base Chromatography Media

Agarose Base Chromatography Media

Sunresin’s agarose base chromatography resins are mainly used for separation of different biomolecules with stable performance and high working efficiency. Sunresin’s agarose base chromatography media includes Gel Filtration Chromatography Resins(Size Exclusion Chromatography), Ion Exchange...

Product Details

Agarose Base Chromatography Media

Sunresin’s agarose base chromatography resins are mainly used for separation of different 

biomolecules with stable performance and high working efficiency.


Sunresin’s agarose base chromatography media includes Gel Filtration Chromatography 

Resins(Size Exclusion Chromatography), Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins(IEX), Affinity Chromatography Resins(AC), and Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography(HIC). 

The resins are widely used for bio-molecule purification purpose of recombinant proteins

nucleic acid, enzymes, antibodies, vaccine, peptides and etc. 

Sunreisn's main types of Agarose base chromatography media 





             Gel Filtration 

     Chromatography Media 


Seplite 4B

Purification of protein, nucleic acid and polypeptide based on diverse molecular weight of protein and the virus,extensively used for downstream process of bio-pharmaceuticals and bioengineering industry

Sepharose 4B

Seplite 6B

Sepharose 6B

Seplite CL-4B

Sepharose CL-4B

Seplite CL-6B

Sepharose CL-6B

Seplite 4FF

Sepharose 4FF

Seplite 6FF

Sepharose 6FF

Seplite 12 DCL

Superose 12

             Ion Exchange 

    Chromatography Media


DEAE Seplite FF


Purification of protein, nucleic acid and polypeptide based on proteins’ surface charges difference, extensively used for downstream process of bio-pharmaceuticals and bioengineering industry

DEAE Sepharose FF

CM Seplite FF

CM Sepharose FF

Q Seplite FF

Q Sepharose FF

SP Seplite FF

SP Sepharose FF

Seplite MMC

Purification of protein in hypersaline conditions

Sepharose MMC

  Hydrophobic   Interaction 

   Chromatography Media


Phenyl Seplite 6FF

Purification and separation of proteins based on their surface hydrophobicity difference


Phenyl Sepharose 6FF

Phenyl Seplite HP

Phenyl Sepharose HP

Butyl Seplite 4FF

Butyl Sepharose 4FF


       Chromatography Media


Metal chelate Seplite Fast Flow(IDA)

Separation of amino acid

residue containing histidine

Chelating sepharose Fast Flow (IDA)

Benzamidine seplite 4FF

Purification of serine proteases,trypsin,etc.

Benzamidine sepharose 4FF

Heparin Seplite CL-6B

Purification of biomacromolecules, such as: anti-coagulants Ⅲ,coagulants ,lipoprotein, 

protein synthesis,thrombin,etc.

Heparin Sepharose CL-6B

Boric acid  Seplite 4FF

Purification and separation of saccharides,nucleoside,peptide   


r-Protein A Seplite 4FF

Purification and separation of antibodies including monoclonal 

antibodies and polyclonal antibodies based on their different IgG sources


r-Protein A Sepharose 4FF

r-Protein G Seplite 4FF

r-Protein G Sepharose 4FF


     Chromatography Media

HEA  seplite  FF

Designed for protein capture and impurity removal based on a combination of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions of the proteins with the ligands

PPA  seplite  FF

Seplite large scale MMC(Ⅱ)


    High-loading and Flow 

    Chromatography Media

Q seplite XL

Designed for protein capture with its high-loading capacities and high-flow rate property based ion exchange groups

Q sepharose XL

SP seplite XL

SP sepharose XL





   Chromatography media

seplite large scale DEAE

Designed for industrial scale process development with its more mechanical strength than fast flow agarose


seplite large scale CM

seplite large scale Q

seplite large scale SP

seplite large scale MMC

If you are looking for a credible agarose base chromatography media manufacturer and supplier, SUNRESIN must be your best choice. Thanks to our high quality resins and excellent services, we are known as a professional such producer and provider. Welcome to wholesale the high quality resins from us.

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